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Why AVEDA Color?

AVEDA hair color and products have significantly less chemicals and more natural ingredients, making them safer than traditional products, which are often packed with dangerous chemicals that can irritate the scalp and cause lasting damage to hair. AVEDA color is vibrant, fade resistant color that improves your hair. Up to 96% naturally derived, AVEDA full-spectrum hair color is customized just for you for your personalized style and hair needs.


The formula itself, true to Aveda, is filled with plant-derived oils including L-arginine, which works as a power booster to increase pH for maximum color deposit into every strand, which provides lasting results that fade on tone.

• A conditioning blend of certified organic plant oils, kukui, sunflower, castor and jojoba, helps improve the condition of damaged hair and provide radiant shine.


• Green tea extract helps create a broader spectrum of color by acting as a naturally-derived color modifier to enhance the shade range, helping provide the ultimate colorist’s palette.


• Butylene glycol, derived from sugarcane, helps create a gel base formula that has a smooth consistency for easy application.



Vibrants are formulated without synthetic glycols, silicones, phthalates, parabens, mineral oil, oxidative dyes or ammonia and with:


  • Kukui oil: moisturizing properties leave the hair soft and incredibly shiny

  • Certified-organic sunflower, jojoba and castor oil improve the condition of hair, and add strength from within.

  • Certified-organic ylang ylang, petitgrain and ginger help provide a bright, floral, spicy aroma and pleasant guest experience.


Aveda Men 5-Minute Natural Grey Blending is a 95% naturally derived formula and is infused with a plant oil blend including certified organic sunflower, castor, and jojoba to help keep hair looking healthy and is designed for colorists to blend away grey right at the shampoo bowl in a quick 5 minute processing time.



Customized for every shade of grey, Aveda Men 5-Minute Natural Grey Blending includes 5 pre-blended shades, ranging from light natural to dark ash which provide male guests natural looking, low maintenance grey blending specific to the look that they are after.



"Over the past few years I developed a sensitivity to coloring my hair. I was left with an itching, burning scalp for weeks after every appointment. Until I found Blue Willow Hair group. The Team at Blue Willow are amazing Stylists, and 

Aveda hair color is the best. I not only no longer have those concerns, I leave every appointment now with healthier hair, and gorgeous color the lasts." -M.F.

"About 5 years ago my scalp started to get extremely itchy while my stylist was applying color and it was itchy for about a week after an application. The worst part was at the back of my head just above my neck. I always asked the shampoo girl to make sure it was rinsed really well back there but it continued to bother me. Since I’ve switched to an AVEDA salon and am now using AVEDA color I have had absolutely no problems." -D.M.

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