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Extension Care

How to care for your Hair Extensions

In order to ensure the best experience and your ultimate satisfaction, here is some important information:

Use Aveda sulfate free shampoos and conditioners.


Use "Aveda Botanical Repair Leave-In Conditioner" along with "Botanical Repair Bond Building Styling Creme" prior to wet styling. These products have 450 degree heat protection.


Use "Aveda Heat Relief" for any styling on days 2-3 in between washes. This product has 450 degree heat protection.


Use "Aveda Nutriplenish Multi-Use Oil" to add moisture and condition back into the ends of your hair in between washing.


Brush everyday - Ask us what brushes would be best.


Don't go to bed with wet/damp hair. Don't keep wet/damp hair in a pony tail for long periods of time.


Run your fingers between the base of your extensions everyday to prevent tangling.


Avoid applying oil based product on your root area as it can make the extensions slip.


Avoid heat tools near the scalp as they can melt the bond of your hair extensions.


Be gentle when washing your hair.


Avoiding chlorine prevents damage to your extensions.


Avoid using purple shampoo as it will dry out your extensions. We do recommend "Aveda Blonde Revival Purple Shampoo." This product contains a blend of nourishing lightweight oils that hydrate and condition over-processed hair.

The Detailed Extension Care Guide

Steps to ensure long-lasting, gorgeous hair extensions

Follow these essential tips if you want your hair extensions to retain their vibrancy, shine and fullness for 1-2 years. Most importantly, this guide holds the necessary information to keeping your natural hair healthy and damage-free.



  • Run your fingers between your hair extensions every day to keep them from tangling together.

  • Be gentle with your hair extensions. The extensions themselves will not cause harm to your natural hair, rough handling could cause damage.

  • Soft bristle brushes are the best as they don’t pull on your natural hair. We highly recommend the Mint- Kaze Paddle Brush made with boar bristles which we offer here at the salon.

  • Always brush the ends of your extensions first, then work your way toward the bonds, brushing in a downward motion. BE GENTLE! Your hair and lovely extensions will thank you.

  • Always brush your hair before bedtime and first thing in the morning. Frequent brushing during the day will limit tangles and improve the appearance of your extensions.  


  • Gently lather together at the roots and throughout the extension’s (do not aggressively rub through extensions, unless needed from build-up). Rinse hair as usual.

  • Wash every 2-3 days to extend the life of your extensions and to keep them looking fresh.

  • Apply conditioner only on the ends of the hair. 


  • The look of your hair will be improved when blow-dried.

  • Blowdrying also ensures your bonds are dry and sealed. 1-2 times per week is normal. 

  • Straighteners, curling irons and hot rollers can be used as normal, but be sure to AVOID touching the bonds with extreme heat. This may cause the bonds to melt into your natural hair.


  • It is best to tie your hair in a low ponytail , or even a loose braid for sleeping to prevent unnecessary pulling/tugging.

  •  Never sleep with wet hair! The number one cause of matting is allowing the bond area to remain damp in a pony tail (like after working out) or going to bed with wet hair. 


  • You will want to use a heat protectant spray (AVEDA Heat Relief) if you heat style your extensions regularly. Using a leave in conditoner (such as AVEDA Botanical Repair Bond building styling creme paired with AVEDA Leave-in Treatment) on the ends of your hair extensions will ensure they stay soft. You can use hairspray (AVEDA aircontrol or AVEDA controlforce), dry shampoo (ask us for our recommendations), etc as normal.

  • Tip: do not get any oil-based products on the root area as it may cause the extensions to slip out.


  • It is normal for your scalp to be itchy for the first 1 to 2 weeks. Your scalp is adjusting to more hair and may feel a bit dry at this time. It may take a couple of nights to get used to the feeling of the extensions.



  • Maintenance appointments are crucial - going longer than the recommended time can cause tangling and damage to your natural hair. Your touch up/retightening appointment should be scheduled as follows:

  • Thin or delicate hair: 4 to 5 weeks

  • Average thickness hair every: 6 to 8 weeks

  • Thick, dense, strong hair every: 6 to 10 weeks

  •  PROFESSIONAL REMOVAL ONLY! Never attempt to remove Nanos by yourself. You must go to an experienced technician for removal to ensure no damage is done. 



  • Consistent exposure to salt water and chlorine can cause the bonds to breakdown and dry out the hair. After swimming, shampoo/condition and blow-dry the bonds to prevent any bond breakdown.



  • It is totally normal to loose a few extensions through the term of your wear. Please just save them and bring them to your next maintenance appointment to be reinstalled. 


  • Matting is NOT normal and is a resulting factor of improper care. If you come in to your maintenance appointment with matting please recognize that the amount of time required for your appointment will be longer, and additional charges will be applied. Extensions are an investment and require more of your time and extra care. Make sure you are willing to commit to using good quality products and that you follow this guideline strictly. 

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